You probably are familiar with the traditional model of the marketing, it's worth getting to know about the funnel. Although in a perfect world, we'd have a cylinder—everyone who heard about you would end up buying something from you. Alas, that's simply not the way of things.

The idea of the funnel is that your collection of potential customers grows smaller as it moves toward its first transaction with your business. At the top of the funnel, there are a great many people who will become aware of your brand (often seen as the first step in the conversion process). The middle of the funnel is smaller, as there are fewer people who'll consider paying you for your products or services, and the bottom of the funnel is even smaller, as many of the folks who consider paying you will end up deciding not to. Your mission as a marketer is to make that funnel as solid (and cylindrical) as possible, guiding potential customers toward eventual conversion.

Here's the thing about content marketing: Despite a misconception that it's always a top-of-funnel tactic, content marketing can help reach people at any stage of the funnel, and as those people continue their interactions with your organization, it helps widen the neck of the funnel farther down.

And because content is all the words and pictures on (and off) your site, you have a lot of options to tailor your content marketing message to where your audience is in that funnel. I look forward to working each and every one of you visiting… Thanks Rick