Phase One: Discovery phase of content marketing

Rick Touchstone
By Rick Touchstone / November 24, 2018

Phase I of content marketing

Within this discovery phase of content marketing, you're trying to generate awareness of your brand among potential customers (and even the market at large). In some cases, when the use case for your product isn't immediately obvious, you're also trying to educate the market that there's even a problem to be solved.

You're also seeking to use content marketing to generate interest during this phase. Because it's not enough for people to just hear your name, they also need to be curious enough about your brand to remember that name and start integrating it into their list of trusted brands (even if they only trust your content at this stage).

Top of the funnel

The top of the funnel is often where we see inbound marketing at its finest. Our goals might include nudging a few potential customers toward conversion, but the way we go about that is hardly ever by talking about ourselves. Instead, it's about figuring out what the audience wants and needs to learn about and teaching them those things.

If you're doing that well, you're associating feelings of gratitude and respect with your brand-not to mention authority in the discovery phase of content marketing. All the while, you're raising the competence of your readers to a point where the products or services you have to offer are more useful to them. Double win.

Types of content that work well during the finding phase include:

  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • Big content (games, tools, long-form content, parallax scrollers)
  • Comprehensive guides
  • Videos
  • Email newsletters

Real-world example:

There's a fun example of this type of content at a pro football gear site. They sell lover gear we all know. Site visitors leave feeling like they've become subject matter experts, and from that point ahead, they think of their team brand as one that not only knows exactly what is going on but quite generous with that information and is just as concerned with developing a gratitude for team brand loyalty, we're all striving for.

To take the same concept and bring it a bit closer to home, most of what we publish on the funnel triumph Blog is an example of the same kind of top-of-funnel marketing. We don't publish blog posts to convince people they should buy our products. We distribute them because we want people to level-up their skills and be better marketers. Our hope is that by participating in our community and reading our blog posts, if you ever find yourself in need of tools for your digital marketing attempts in the discovery  phase of content marketing, that we'll be top-of-mind as a reliable choice.

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