Phase Two – Consideration

Rick Touchstone
By Rick Touchstone / December 27, 2018

Consideration: The Middle of the Funnel

Goal: Direct customer acquisition

Answers to use-case challenges

In the consideration phase, a consumer starts to associate you with the perfect solution is you offer. This is the time when you want to supply them with content that helps them evaluate you and your products. At this time, we're speaking right to individuals we think our business can help and ensuring they understand how we can help them.

Remember that they may not yet trust you, so don't put on your sales head wear at this time. Instead, consideration content is a great opportunity to make sure it's easy for your visitor to browse all the information that may help them differentiate you from your competitors.

At this time people will be looking for:

  • Case studies
  • How-to content that showcases your products
  • Demo videos
  • Product descriptions and data sheets

Probably one of the most effective ways to do this is by illustrating use situations that solve our customers' problems. At FunnelVictory, we've a series of short video lessons we call FunnelVictory Academy, where we show people how they may use a FunnelVictory free membership to tackle specific duties like enhancing their search engine rankings and competitive analysis.

Real-world example: Famous Amos

There are all types of other types of this. When Kellogg made its famous cookie recipe publicly available, they ensured to identify the all-important handbag of Toll House delicious chocolate chips. The formula wasn't salesy, but it did encourage those who used it to buy that company's product (even only if to get the recipe imprinted on the bag).

Remember, though, that middle-of-the-funnel content usually doesn't concentrate directly on what you're offering. It uses what you're offering to another end, whether that end be higher search engine rankings or a batch of delicious cookies.

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