The Top of the Funnel

Discovery: The Top of the Funnel

Goals: Indirect customer acquisition; brand awareness

Tactic: Educational content, viral content

In this first stage of content marketing, you're trying to create knowledge of your brand among prospective customers (and even the market most importantly). In some cases, when the utilization case for your product isn't immediately obvious, you're also trying to educate the market that there's a good problem to be solved.
You're also wanting to use content marketing to generate interest during this stage. Because it's not enough for people to just hear your name, they also have to be curious enough about your brand to keep in mind that name and begin integrating it into their list of trusted brands (even if they only trust your articles at this stage).
The very best of the funnel is often where we see inbound marketing at its finest. Our goals might include nudging a few potential customers toward transformation, however the way we go about that is rarely by talking about ourselves. Instead, it's about figuring out what the audience wants and must learn about and teaching them those things. If you're doing that well, you're associating feelings of gratitude and respect with your brand-not to say authority. Even while, you're increasing the competence of your visitors to a spot where the products you have to offer are more beneficial to them. Double earn.

Types of content that work very well during the breakthrough phase include:

Blog posts
Big content (games, tools, long-form content, parallax scrollers)
Comprehensive guides
Email newsletters

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